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As a young man tied so deeply to the series of tubes the media calls the Internet, I have been noticing an interesting trend as of late. People are starting to lay blame on the invention of the Internet as the source of all humanity's downfall.

I was reading an article in Newsweek magazine called "The Writing on the Wall" about how kids not being able to write in cursive are decreasing their ability to form coherent sentences. It said a study found that students that did not know how to write well they begin to have problems in all other areas of academics.

I would now at this time like to say I have only the knowledge in cursive to write out my name and my inability to do much more than that has not hampered my other skills in the slightest. I may have a problem spelling but my command of the English vocabulary is something I pride myself on. I know my "p"s and "q"s, thank you very much.

I very much question the validity of that study and would like to find out how much skill in penmanship relates to skill in writing. My question to you is how much cursive do you know and use on a daily basis, and does it really help?

P.S. Tell others to view this journal, I am kind of an unknown face in a sea of icons here. Also, I don't think journal updates are shown on the site...
ku-neko-chan Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2007
I agreee with you. We recently had a paper to do and Keeli put u instead of you
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November 30, 2007


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